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Delta Force - Selection

As with all special operations forces, Delta recognizes that you cannot mass-produce special operators and their selection process reflects this. The rigorous and demanding selection process is designed to weed out all but the most capable, determined and focused warriors.

Delta Force -Recruitment

Delta Force typically recruits from the Special Forces and the Rangers. Delta tends to carry out recruitment briefings at Frot Bragg just prior to it's bi-annual selection and assessment courses.

Delta Force - Eligibility

The Delta Force training wing at Fort Bragg is thought to run selection twice a year, around spring and fall. Officers and NCOs undergo the same arduous selection process and they must meet the following eligibility criteria : -

  • Male
  • Minimum age : 21 years old
  • U.S. Citizen
  • volunteer
  • Army active duty, Reserve or National Guard
  • for Officers
    • rank of captain or major
    • 12 months of successful command
    • advanced course graduate
    • college graduate (B.A. or B.S.)
  • for NCOs
    • rank of sergeant (E5 - E8)
    • 4 years minimum service
    • 2 years active service remaining
    • passing SQT score in primary Military Specialty (MOS)
    • minimum General Techincal score 110
  • no limiting physical profile
  • pass a HALO/SCUBA physical / eye exam
  • either have Airborne qualifications or volunteer for Airborne training
  • pass initial background security checks
  • no history of recurring disciplinary action
  • pass the 5-event physical-fitness qualification test
    (all while wearing boots and BDU)
    • run, dodge and jump
    • inverted crawl
    • pushups
    • sit ups
    • 2-mile run
    • 100-meter swim

Delta Force - Selection and Assessment

Selection and assessment for Delta takes place over a 3-4 week period. Selection consists of a series of grueling exercises that test the candidate's physical fitness, stamina and mental determination. Many of the selection procedures are modeled on the British SAS selection, with which Delta's founder Charlie Beckwith served prior to founding the unit. These tests include a series of land navigation tests, during which traditional map and compass skills are used. Over the course of the tests candidates must carry heavy loads in their ruck sacks. Each day the length of the route and the weight needed to be carried increases. Some of the specific elements of these tests include

  • a timed 18-mile 'ruck-march' at night in which the candidate must carry 35 pounds in their rucksack
  • a timed 40 mile route while carrying a 45 pound ruck sack over rough, steep terrain.

Any candidates making it through the physical endurance phases then move on to extensive psychological testing and evaluations.

Delta Force - Operators Training Course

The few candidates that make it through Selection and Assessment enter the Operators Training Course (OTC), a 6-month course which turns the raw recruits into trained Delta operators. On completion of OTC, the recruits become operational and are assigned to one of the active Delta Force squadrons.


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