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Colt M1911a1 - Delta Force - Weapons

The Colt M1911a1's design has remained largely unchanged since the late 1890s. The Colt M119 / M119a1 has served in the American military ever since.

Delta adopted the M1911a1 as it was the standard Army firearm at the time and it suited their needs. The stopping power of the .45 ACP round was thought to be superior to the 9mm rounds fired by more modern pistols. Early Delta counter terrorism teams used the the M3A1 Grease Gun, which was also chambered in .45 ACP and so could share ammunition between the two weapons.

It is believed that Delta gunsmiths modify the M119a1, adding various improvements such as sights, grips, triggers and extended / double-stacked magazines.

Although Delta is thought to also use other pistols such as Glock 17s / 21s, the Colt M119a1 is still a popular item in the Delta armory.

colt 1911a1 pistol

Colt 1911a1 Specifications

Cartridge .45 ACP
Dimensions Length : 8.25 inches
Barrel Length 5.03 inches
Weight 2.43 lbs (empty - no magazine)
Effective Range 75 yards
Muzzle Velocity 800 feet per second
Feed 7 round box magazine + 1 in chamber

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