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M3a1 'Grease Gun' - Delta Force - Weapons

The M3a1 'Grease Gun' is a World War 2 vintage sub machine gun that was adopted by Delta Force in its early history.

The M3a1 had fallen out of favor with regular forces, due in part to its low muzzle velocity and low rate of fire, characteristics that actually made it suitable for hostage rescue operations. The .45 ACP round fired by the M3a1 had great stopping power (as well as being interchangeable with the 1911 pistols used at the time) and the low muzzle velocity meant that rounds would be less likely to pass through targets or walls and hit friendlies. This, combined with a low rate of fire, meant that the M3a1 was easily controlled when fired.

A number of M3a1s fitted with sound suppressors were taken by Delta operators on the aborted Operation Eagle Claw, Iran, 1980.

side view of M3 Grease Gun with stock extended

M3a1 Specifications

Cartridge .45 ACP
Dimensions Length : 29.8 inches (stock extended) / 22.8 inches (stock collapsed)
Barrel Length 8 inches
Weight 7.65 lbs
Effective Range 100 yards
Rate Of Fire 350-450 rounds/min cyclic
Muzzle Velocity 920 feet per second
Feed 30 round box magazine

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