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SEAL Team Six - Operations

1993 - Somailia - Operation Gothic Serpent

A small number of SEAL Team Six operators are among US SOF deployed to Somalia as Task Force Ranger. SEAL Team Six snipers provided cover for Delta / Ranger operations on a number of occassions. They also worked with CIA operatives, running agents and carrying out SIGINT operations from a safe house in downtown Mogadishu. (1) A number of SEALs fought in the 'Battle Of Mogadishu', otherwise known as the 'Black Hawk Down' mission, including fighting from vehicles used to extract prisoners from the Olympic Hotel.

Mid-late 90s - Former Yugoslavia

Working under the auspices of NATO, SEAL Team Six arrested several suspected Serbian war criminals.

2001 - Present - Afghanistan - Operation Enduring Freedom

SEAL Team Six deployed to Afghanistan as part of a JSOC Joint Task Force (Task Force 11) with the remit of hunting down key Al Qaeda and Taliban figures.

Operation Anaconda SEAL Team Six operators from TF-11 were assigned to the Advanced Force Operations (AFO) Task Force that deployed into the Shahikot region to prepare the way for a large scale US airborne assault. One small recon team of DEVGRU operators took out a DSHK 12.7mm heavy machine gun emplacement that would have posed a major threat to the planned helicopter landings.

Prolonged clashes between US and Al Qaeda forces occurred during the eventual assault, code named Operation Anaconda. During the fighting, DEVGRU operators attempted a nighttime helicopter insert atop the peak of Taku Ghar. Unfortunately, enemy fighters were dug in on the mountain and the MH-47 carrying the SEALs took heavy fire. As the MH-47 tried to evade the incoming fire, a SEAL, Petty Officer First Class Neil C. Roberts, fell from the rear ramp. The 160th SOAR pilot managed to land the stricken helicopter further down the mountain. Further unsuccessful attempts to take the position and rescue Roberts were made, with more casualties taken. The initial SEAL unit was airlifted up the mountain by a reserve chopper and were this time able to get close to their target, although the resulting battle claimed the life of a USAF CCT. A force of Rangers later inserted in another MH-47, at the cost of another disabled helicopter and the lives of several soldiers and airmen. Sadly, Roberts also died on the mountain. Roberts is believed to have single-handedly fought off dozens of enemy before being killed. The landing zone would later become known as Roberts Ridge in memory of the fallen SEAL.

2003 - Present - Iraq - Operation Iraqi Freedom

During the invasion of Iraq, SEALs from SEAL Team Six were part of a joint tast force sent to rescue PFC Jessica Lynch who had been captured and held at an Iraqi hospital.

Post invasion, SEAL Team Six is believed to have contributed operators to a Combined Joint Task Force, often referred to as Task Force 88, tasked first with dismantling Saddam's Baathist regime and later the insurgency / Al-Qaeda. As in Afghanistan, DEVGRU has been targeting key nodes in the terrorist's network.

2009 - The Rescue Of Captain Richard Phillips

DEVGRU ended the hostage crisis abaord a lifeboat from a hijacked merchant vessel in the Gulf Aden in April 2009. DEVGRU snipers, firing from the fan tail of nearby US warship USS Bainbridge killed the hostage takers. An assault team on a RHIB then boarded the lifeboat and secured Phillips.

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2009 - Operation Celestial Balance

Somalia - SEAL Team 6 carried out a helicopter-borne raid against a terrorist target.

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2010 - Failed Hostage Rescue

Afghanistan - DEVGRU attempt and fail to rescue a Scottish aid worker from Taliban captors.

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2011 - Pakistan - Osama Bin Laden Killed

On May 1st, 2011, SEAL Team Six raided a compound in Pakistan and killed Osama Bin Laden.

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2012 - Somalia - Hostage Rescue

On January 25th, 2012, SEAL Team Six rescued 2 kidnapped aid workers being held in Somalia.

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2013 - Barawe Raid

DEVGRU commandos carried out a raid in Somalia to capture an al-Shabaab commander.

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