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DEVGRU / SEAL Team 6 Snipers

'Within the Troops of DEVGRU's line squadrons are cadres of highly trained operators who specialize in the dark arts of sniping. Those SEALs who pass the DEVRGU selection process may choose to specialize, or are assigned as, snipers. They will go on a sniper course of their choice, such as the Marine Scout Sniper school then have further training with DEVGRU.

DEVGRU Snipers - Roles

DEVGRU snipers are able to carry out a range of tasks including:

  • taking out specific personnel - often working in pairs, DEVGRU sniper teams can covertly insert into an area, move undetected to a shooting position, sometimes many hundreds of yards from their target, then hitting that target with a single shot before covertly exfiling out again.

  • intelligence gathering - a big part of the sniper skill set is the gathering of intelligence. Keeping concealed beneath a ghillie suit for days on end, a DEVGRU sniper team can build an accurate intelligence picture about a target, recording so-called 'patterns of life': moral, movements and disposition of personnel in the vicinity of the target. In the counter terrorism role, DEVGRU snipers will surround the terrorist stronghold and send back regular intelligence reports to the command and control element.

  • overwatch - DEVGRU snipers, having covertly inserted into overwatch positions are ideally placed to provide covering fire for a DEVGRU assault element as it hits the target. Any visible targets, especially those presenting a threat to the incoming assault team will be neutralized by the sniper element. Overwatch for operations can be from concealed, static firing points or from unstable mobile platforms such as a circling helicopter.

DEVGRU Sniper Equipment

Ghillie Suits

A highly effect form of camouflage, Ghillie suits which are typically made from a number of pieces of undergarment with various items of foliage attached. Ghillie suits are hand made by the wearers for a specific mission, utilizing natural materials present in the local environment.
photo: US Dod

Spotting Scopes

A sniper team typically comprises a shooter and spotter. The spotter (left) uses a spotting scope such as the M49 to identify targets, calculate range, wind speed, humidity etc then communicates the parameters for a shot to the sniper, who alters his scope accordingly.
photo: US Dod

Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles carried by DEVGRU include :

The Mk 12 Special Purpose Rifle

A compact, lightweight semi-auto 5.56mmx45mm weapon which can be fitted with a range of scopes, suppressors and accessories
more info : MK 12 SPR

Mk 11 Mod 0 Sniper Weapon System

A semi-auto 7.62mmx51mm medium sniper rifle, often used when shooting from unstable platforms such as helicopters, boats and vehicles. This is reportedly the sniper rifle used by DEVGRU snipers to kill the pirates who were holding the captain of a US-flagged merchant vessel captive in the Gulf Of Aden, 2009.
more info: MK 11

A SEAL takes aim with a MK11 Mod O sniper rifle from inside a MH-60S Sea Hawk helicopter. As DEVGRU assault elements storm a maritime counter terrorism objective such as a hijacked cruise ship, DEVGRU snipers aboard helicopters will circle above and provide covering fire.
photo: US Dod


An accurate and hard-hitting bolt-action rifle, known by SEAL snipers simply as the 'Win Mag' due to the .300 Winchester Magnum rounds it fires.
more info : MK-13

MK13 sniper rifle
MK13 Mod 5 is the latest iteration in the series of .300 Win Mag bolt-action rifles based on the Remington 700 long action that SEAL Team Six have employed over the years.
photo: US Dod

McMillan TAC-338

With a longer reach than the Win Mag, the McMillan TAC-338 is chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum.
more info : TAC-338


The MK15 is a bolt-action sniper rifle that fires the devastating .50 BMG round.
more info : MK 15

M82 Barrett

Semi-automatic anti-material rifle that fires .50 BMG rounds.
more info :M82

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