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AN/PEQ-2 Laser

Th//e AN/PEQ-2 is an infrared laser aiming, illumination and pointer device that is attached to various weapons carried by US Special Operations Forces (SOF).

PEQ-2s produce light that can only be seen by wearing night vision goggles (nvgs). The device features 2 lasers, one with a narrow beam which is used for aiming the weapon or as a pointer for indicating targets to others, and one with a wider beam that is used as a flashlight for illuminting an area.

AN/PEQ-2 Configurations

AN/PEQ-2 fitted atop a M4A1
Mode Marking Targeting laser Illumination laser
0 OFF off off
1 AIM LO low power off
2 DUAL LO low power low power
3 AIM HI high power off
4 DUAL LO/HI high power low power
5 DUAL HI high power high power

AN/PEQ-2 - Video, Images And Further Information

Video showing US Special Forces and Iraqi troops battling insurgents in Iraq. This film is shot through a night vision device and so the lasers from the troop's PEQ-2s can be clearly seen.

Navy SEALs
US Navy SEALs armed with CQBRs fitted with AN/PEQ-2 lasers.
U.S. Dod Photo

combat controller - an/peq-2
A USAF Combat Controller mans a M240 belt-fed machine gun fitted with a eotech sight and an AN/PEQ-2
U.S. Dod Photo

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