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Marine Raider Support Group

The Marine Raider Support Group (MSRG) is a component of U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC). The enablers of the MSRG provide vital support to MARSOC in a number of areas:

  • Logistics
  • Communications
  • Fire Support Teams
  • Intelligence
Note: The group was formerly known as the Marine Special Operations Support Group (MSOSG). Its name was changed in August 2014 in recognition of the fabled Marine Raiders of World War 2.

The MSRG consists of around 400 Marines, sailors and soldiers. They deploy with Marine Special Operations Companies (MSOC). The MSRG includes:

  • 1st Marine Raider s Support Battalion (1st MRSB)
  • Camp Pendleton, CA

  • 2nd Marine Raider s Support Battalion (2d MRSB)
    Camp Lejeune, N

  • 2nd Marine Raider s Support Battalion (3d MSRSB)
    Camp Lejeune, NC

Marine Raider Support Group - Training

Aside from their MOS-specific training, MSRG Marines are taught common warfighting skills at the School of Infantry, where they undergo a Special Operations Training Course which prepares the Marines for deployment alongside special operations forces. Such training includes patrolling techniques, urban warfare, use of foreign weapons, enhanced marksmanship and information operations.

Marine Raider Support Group - Video

Marines with the MSRG traing with a new rifle optic
Official US DoD video produced by Sgt. Edmund Hatch | released to public domain

Marine Raider Support Group - Photo

Marine Special Operations Support Group
Marines from the Marine Raider Support Group fire a tripod-mounted .50 cal heavy machine gun.
Photo by Lance Cpl. Kyle McNally


Marine Special Operations Support Group insignia

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