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U.S. Special Operations News

The latest news and press reports featuring American Special Operations Forces (SOF).

2012.09.15 - More FAST Teams Deployed

More platoons from the Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team have been deployed, this time in Sudan and Yemen...

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2012.09.12 - FAST Marines Deploy To Libya

An elite Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team has deployed to Libya in reponse to recent attacks against U.S. interests there...

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2012.02.21 - 4 Airmen Die In U-28A Crash

An Air Force Special Operations Command U-28A aircraft has crashed in the Horn Of Africa, killing 4...

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2012.01.31 - Pentagon Cuts Will Stretch Special Operations Forces

Planned defense cuts will require US Special Operations Forces to expand to fill the gap...

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2012.01.27 - US Navy Plans Floating Special Ops Base

The US Navy is working towards deploying a floating special ops base into the Persian Gulf...

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2012.01.26 - 'American Sniper'

A new book tells the tale of the deadliest sniper in American military history...

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2012.01.25 - US Special Ops Raid In Somalia

Navy SEALs have rescued 2 western hostages from pirates in an operation in Somalia...

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2012.01.12 - Night Stalkers Awarded For Bravery

Members of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment have received medals for bravery...

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2011.08.06 - Special Ops Chinook Down

A MH-47 Chinook has been shot down in Afghanistan, with the loss of many coalition troops, including US special operations forces...

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2011.05.02 - Navy SEALs Kill Osama Bin Laden

DEVGRU, otherwise known as SEAL Team Six, reportedly killed Al Qaeda figurehead, Osama Bin Laden in a daring raid on his hiding place in Pakistan

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2011.03.30 - Covert CIA Operations Begin in Libya

Paramilitary operatives from the CIA's Special Activities Division (SAD) operatives are reported to be active in Libya. Reports say that SAD operatives have been gathering intel, aiding rebel forces and may have assisted in the rescue of 2 USAF crewmen after their F-15E Strike Eagle fighter/bomber crashed in eastern Libya last week,

more info :

2011.03.26 - AC-130 Gunships Operating in Libya

It has been reported that AC-130 Gunships, operated by AFSOC Special Oeprations Squadrons, have carried out combat missions against Libyan government forces.

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2011.03.06 - Force Recon Intercepts Hijacked Ship

Force Recon Marines with Combined Task Force (CTF) 151 freed a ship that had been hijacked by pirates in the Gulf Of Aden

more info : US Navy report

2011.02.15 - Night Stalkers Get New Helicopter

The first 2 MH-60M Blackhawk helicopters have been delivered to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (160th SOAR).

more info : mh-60m blackhawk

2010.09.09 - Elite Maritime Raid Force Retakes Hijacked Ship

Force Recon Marines from the 15th MEU's Maritime Raid Force have retaken a merhcant ship that was hijacked in the Gulf Of Aden

more info : MRF retakes hijacked ship

2010.08.18 - 7th Special Forces Group Soldiers receive Silver Stars for battlefield valor in Afghanistan

Seven Soldiers from the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) were awarded the Silver Star during a ceremony at the JFK Auditorium, Aug. 16, for their valorous actions while deployed to Afghanistan between 2007 and 2008

more info :

2010.08.17 - Former Delta Force commander to head up NC school that trains special operations soldiers

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (AP) A former Delta Force commander is taking over the Army's NC-based special operations training center...

more info :

2010.08.13 - 2010 Air Commandos Hall of Fame selectees released

Air Force Special Operations Command officials announced the 2010 Air Commando Hall of Fame selectees 13 Aug., 2010...

more info : AFSOC

2010.08.13 - MARSOC Marines train with foreign weapons

Marines with the Marine Special Operations Support Group, part of Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC), have been improving their working knowledge of foreign weapons systems...

more info : DVIDS

2010.08.11 - Green Berets adding a battalion at Fort Carson

The Colorado Springs Gazette reports that the 10th Special Forces Group has quietly begun assembling a new operational battalion...

more info : Colorado Springs Gazette

2010.08.04 - Air Commandos receive medals for vital role in combat operations

Three members of the 321st Special Tactics Squadron were presented with medals at a Purple Heart and Bronze Star ceremony on July 29...

more info : AFSOC

2010.05.19 - MARSOC Get Intelligence Unit

The MARSOC Intelligence Battalion was activated in a ceremony at Camp Lejeune on May 18th. The battalion will support MARSOC operations worldwide...

more info :

2010.05.19 - U.S. Special Forces trains Africans to fight al-Qaida

U.S., Dutch and Spanish special forces have been training African soldiers to fight Al Qaeda in the Sahara...

more info :

2010.05.14 - Base in Afghanistan named for Lejeune Marine

A forward operating base in Afghanistan was recently named in honor of a MARSOC Marine from Camp Lejeune.

more info :

2010.05.13 - 30 Taliban Killed By Special Forces

Kunduz, Afghanistan - US special forces in Afghanistan killed 30 Taliban fighters, including an unknown number of foreigners, in an operation in the northern province of Kunduz, the provincial governor said Thursday.

more info :

2010.05.07 - Navy SEAL Matthew McCabe Cleared In Iraqi Abuse Case

more info : FOX News

2010.04.22 - Navy SEAL Cleared In Iraqi Abuse Case

more info : FOX News

2010.04.15 - Special Operations Forces Double In Afghanistan

It's been reported that the number of US Special Operations Forces (SOF) have been doubled in Afghanistan...

LA Times

2010.04.09 - CV-22 Osprey Crashes In Afghanistan

A US Air Force CV-22 Osprey has reportedly crashed in Afghanistan, killing 4. The CV-22 is a tilt-rotor aircraft operated by the 8th Special Operations Squadron.

more info : Fox News

2010.04.06 - US Special Forces - Afghans - In 12 Hour Battle With Taliban

A combined force of US Special Forces and Afghan Commandos were ambushed by around 50 insurgents while on a patrol in Afghanistan. During the 12-hour firefight that ensued, an Afghan Commando and multiple Taliban were killed. A number of US SOF and Afghan Commandos were injured.

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2010.04.02 - U.S. Special Forces To Stay In Iraq

The head of U.S. Special Operations Command has announced that U.S. Special Operations Forces will stay active in Iraq following the announcement of an August drawdown date for regular combat troops.

more info : UPI

2010.04.01 - Captain Rescued By SEALs Writes Book

Captain Richard Phillips, the skipper of a United States-flagged cargo ship that was hijacked by Somali pirates last year, and who was later rescued by Navy SEALs, has written an account of his ordeal in a new book:

A Captain's Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALS, and Dangerous Days at Sea

2010.03.31 - AC-130J Gunships to Get Weapons Kits

Details of plans to fit the new AC-130J gunships with a modular weapons and sensors package...

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2010.03.31 - CIA Pull Off Iranian Nuclear Scientist Defection 'Coup'

Reports are coming in about a CIA operation to get an Iranian nuclear scientist to defect to the US. It is thought that the scientist, Shahram Amiri, is a potential goldmine of information on Iran's nuclear weapons program.

further reading:
ABC news report

info on CIA Special Activities Division

2010.03.30 - Special Forces Help Move Afghani Patients

Official report on US Special Forces assisting the Afghani government...

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more news coming soon...


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