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Operation Prime Chance

The barge, Hercules, was used as a floating base for Navy and SOAR operations during Op Prime Chance. A series of hangers were bolted onto the deck for the SOAR MH-6 and AH-6 helicopters.
photo : US Dod

Between 1987 and 1989, SOAR MH-6 and AH-6 helicopters supported US Navy operations to secure shipping in the Persian Gulf. Operating from ships and a floating mobile sea base (such as the barge, Hercules), the MH-6s would search for Iranian naval forces, who were laying mines and attacking shipping with gunboats. When found, the MH-6 would vector in AH-6 gunships which would attack with minguns and rockets.

The attack on the Iran Ajr

When a SOAR MH-6 spotted an iranian-flagged ship dropping mines into the shipping lanes, 2 AH-6 gunships attacked with miniguns and high explosive and fletchette anti-personnel rockets. The badly damaged vessel was subsequently boarded by a team of SEALs who searched the ship and took several Iranians prisoner. The SEALs eventually scuttled the Iran Ajr by detonating explosives in its hull.

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