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Special Reaction Team - BearCat

SRT Bearcat G3
image sourced from public domain | US Army photo by SGT. Tracy R. Myers, 14th PAD

178th Military Police Detachment, 89th MP Brigade Special Reaction Team (SRT) personnel mount a Lenco BearCat G3 armored vehicle before raiding a house as part of a training exercise at Fort Hood, Texas, 2013.

The BearCat is an armored response vehicle used to deploy tactical teams.

The G3's steel armor protects against .50 caliber gunfire.

The air-conditioned interior can accommodate a fully-equipped 10-man tactical team.

The G3 also features a high ground clearance and has good off-road performance.

The vehicle also features a turret for mounting belt-fed machine gun.

BearCats are used by many military and civilian tactical teams, including USAF Tactical Response Force teams who employ them as a nuclear weapons convoy protection vehicle.

Army Special Reaction Teams are tactical units which made up of specially trained Military Policeman and are tasked with resolving crisis situations at their assigned Army base.

Foot Hood's SRT train for at least 40 hours a month, often carrying out exercises with civilian SWAT teams.

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