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PACTACLET Precision Marksman

precision marksman
image sourced from public domain | USCG Photo

A precision marksman with Pacific Tactical Law Enforcement Team (PACTACLET) takes aim with a Barrett .50 cal anti-material rifle from the cabin of a helicopter.

Note the red dot sight fitted atop the Barrett.

Unlike when employed as a sniper rifle, when being used in the maritime interdiction role the Barrett is configured for short to medium range engagements.

In the event of having to stop a go-fast boat, the precision marksman will fire warning shots and then, if the vessel still fails to stop, they will disable its engine with a carefully aimed shot.

Pacific Tactical Law Enforcement Team is based at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego.

PACTACLET fields 8 eight different Law Enforcement Detachments (LETDETs) which deploy aboard U.S. and allied naval vessels in order to carry out maritime security and law enforcement operations.

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