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Delta Force Photo - Iraq Task Force

delta force - Iraq
image sourced from public domain | photo : released online

A Delta Force soldier (right) and a British Special Air Service soldier (left) pictured in Iraq, 2008.

Delta Force are part of a Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF), with and ever changing code names (TF-88, Task Force Black being among the most recent, publicly acknowledged, monikers).

This Task Force includes/has included Tier One Special Operations forces from the U.S. (Delta, DEVGRU), the U.


(SAS, SBS) and Australia (SASR) along with supporting Tier 2 units (US Army Rangers, UK SFSG) and Special Ops aviation and intelligence elements (U.S. 160th SOAR, ISA, U.


SRR, MI6).

The Task Force, based in Baghdad, has been systematically targeting key elements of the insurgency and Al Qaeda In Iraq (AQI) such as the bomb technicians, insurgent leaders.

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