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Marine Special Operations Team (MSOT) - Combat

MSOT - Combat
image sourced from public domain | U.S.M. C. photo by SGT. Pete Thibodeau/Released

Marines with a Marine Special Operations Team (MSOT) engage Taliban forces from inside/behind a Kawasaki LTATV-2 vehicle while on patrol with Afghan Police in Farah province, Afghanistan, December 2012.

MSOTs are made up of around 15 Critical Skills Operators (CSOs) (MOS 0372), organized into 3 4-man fire teams plus a Team Leader (Captain), Radio Operator and a Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman.

MSOTs are part of Marine Special Operations Battalions, which are a component of MARSOC.

MSOTs have been working in concert with Afghani forces as part of Special Operations Task Force West's counter insurgency (COIN) campaign.

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