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Navy SEALs - Winter Warfare

SEALs operating in winter conditions
image sourced from public domain | U.S. DoD Photo

Navy SEAL operators demonstrate winter warfare capabilities at Mammoth Lake, California, 2014.

SEALs are masters at fighting in arctic conditions and in mountainous terrain.

After completing Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) selection, SEAL Qualification Training (SQT) students are sent to Special Operations Forces Cold Weather Maritime Training Facility, Naval Special Warfare Cold Weather Detachment Kodiak (NSWCDC K)on Kodiak Island, Alaska.

At the start of the 28-day course, SQT students learn the basics i.e. what clothing to wear and what gear to carry with them.

They then learn how to survive in the extreme cold, including how how to make fire and shelter.

Next up are a series of navigation exercises.

Rock climbing and repelling are also taught, as is how the extreme cold affects how their weapons operate.

Before 9/11, only select SEAL Platoons underwent winter warfare training.

Operations carried out in the snow-capped mountains of Afghanistan highlighted the need for the winter warfare skill set to be taught throughout the SEAL teams.

In 2002 it became mandatory for all BUD/S graduates to complete the 28-day wilderness training exercise at Kodiak.

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