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Navy SEALs - Photo Gallery

Welcome to this gallery featuring the Navy SEALs.

The SEALs are a U.S.Navy Special Warfare unit that operate by sea, air and land.

The carry out a wide range of operations, including counter terrorism, direct action and special reconnaissance.

In this gallery you will see photos of SEALs training, deployed on operations, carrying out ship-boarding missions and operating as SEAL Delivery Vehicle teams...

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Navy SEALs - Training & Operations

Our SEAL gallery begins with a section dedicated to photos of SEALs training and deployed on operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Ship / Boat Boarding / Maritime Operations

One of the missions of the SEALs is the boarding of vessels, sometimes in non-compliant contexts.

This section of the galelry features Navy SEALs training for such operations.


SEAL Delivery Vehicle Teams (SDV-T)

Navy SEAL Delivery Vehicle Teams utilise mini-subs to covertly infiltrate and exfiltrate to maritime targets.

Enjoy these photos of the teams at work.

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