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special operations forces » photo gallery » 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment
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Night Stalkers - Photo Gallery

The Night Stalkers, otherwise known as the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (160th SOAR) and Task Force 160 (TF 160) are an elite U.S.Army helicopter unit that carries out special operations.

Please enjoy this gallery of photos featuing the men and the machines of the Night Stalkers.

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MH-6 / AH-6 Little Birds

MH-6 and AH-6 Little Birds are small, nimble helicopters based on the Hughes MD530F airframe.

The MH-6 is troop transport / acout helicopter while the AH-6 is configured as a gunship.

Here are photos featuring these helos..


MH-60 Black Hawks

The MH-60 series of medium helicopters are based on UH-60 Black Hawk airframes.

They pack a sophisticated array of sensors and defensive systems that allow them to carry out their mission of infil, exfil and resupply of Special Operations Forces.

Please browse this selection of MH-60 Black Hawks..


MH-60 Direct Action Penetrator (DAP)

Take a Night Stalkers MH-60 Black Hawk and bolt on a fearsome array of chain guns, missiles, rockets and miniguns and you get the MH-60 Direct Action Penetrator gunship..


MH-47 Chinook

Based on the CH-47 Chinook, the Night Stalkers fly these tricked out heavy-lift birds fitted with advanced avionics, refueling probe and a set of miniguns and other machine guns..


Night Stalkers

Here are some photos featuring the Night Stalkers themselves - the pilots and crews of the 160th SOAR..

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