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Special Forces (Green Berets) - Photo Gallery

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Welcome to the Special Forces Gallery.

Special Forces are the U.S.Army's experts in unconventional warfare.

They maintain a high standard of infantry skills, CQB, airborne insertions, amphibious operations etc.

Here are some pictures of Special Forces in training.


Special Forces - Afghanistan

Special Forces were among the first US troops to enter Afghanistan in 2001.

They linked up with CIA Special Ops and worked closely with Northern Alliance fighters to sweep the Taliban from power.

Here are some photos of U.S.Special Forces in action in Afghanistan..


Special Forces - Iraq

Special Forces, as part of Task Force Dagger in the west and Task Force Viking in the north, were key elements of the coalition special operations contribution to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

They have since carried out numerous operations in the country, many of which involving the training and mentoring of Iraqi special operations units, both police and military.

Here are some photos featuring the Special Forces in Iraq.


19th Special Forces Group

Here are some photos of the 19th Special Forces Group, a national guard unit.

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