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AC-130W Stinger II

AC-130W Stinger II
image sourced from public domain | U.S. DoD photo by Airman 1st Class Ericka Engblom

A AC-130W Stinger II aircraft taxis on the flightline at Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico.

The AC-130W is a modified C-130H Hercules airframe that has been configured for use as a flying gun platform.

Armed with a modular weapons system that includes a Bushmaster II GAU-23/A 30mm gun (visible on the aircraft's port fuselage) and various guided munitions, the AC-130W's primary role is that of armed overwatch.

The AC-130W Stinger II is operated by the 73rd Special Operations Squadron, part of the 27th Special Operations Wing.

It's fleet of AC-130Ws were converted from the squadron's existing MC-130 Combat Spear transport aircraft.

The initial batch of converted aircraft were called MC-130W Dragon Spears.

The aircraft was later redesignated as AC-130W Stinger II.

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