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AFSOC M-28 Skytruck

M-28 Skytruck | Air Force Special Operations
image sourced from public domain | U.S. Air Force photo by Staff SGT. Nicholas Phelps/Released

A M-28 Skytruck aircraft operated by the 318th Special Operations Squadron (318th SOS) pictured in flight during a 27th Special Operations Wing capabilities exercise, 2011.

The M-28 is a Polish-designed-and-built twin-engined monoplane with excellent STOL (short take off and landing) capabilities.

The aircraft are used by the 318th SOS for global special operations taskings that include insertion, extraction and resupply of special operations forces (SOF).

Such operations may take place at night, utilizing night vision equipment and may operate from unimproved runways.

AFSOC Sky Trucks, designated as the C-145A, are believed to have been modified for special operations use.

Precise details of such modifications remain classified although they are likely to include a secure communications fitment and changes to the aircraft's lighting systems.

The 318th Special Operations Squadron is based at Cannon AFB and is part of the 27th Special Operations Wing.

Note: Since 2013, AFSOC's fleet of C-145A aircraft have been transferred to the 6th SOS and 711th SOS where it is employed in the aviation foreign internal defense (AVFID) role.

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