2nd Recon - CRRC

2nd Recon - CRRC

Recon Marines with the 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion (2nd Recon) prepare to move out on a combat rubber raiding craft (CRRC) inflatable during a training exercise.

The CRRC, otherwise known as a Zodiac, is used by numerous U.S. special operations forces, including USMC Recon units, Navy SEALs, Air Force Special Tactics, Army Special Forces and Army Rangers. Zodiacs are ideal for the kind of over-the-horizon amphibious reconnaissance operations carried out by USMC Reconnaissance Battalions. They can be deployed out the rear ramp of a helicopter or launched from a ship or the deck of a surfaced submarine. CRRCs can be 'locked out' from a submerged sub and inflated via CO2 bottle on the surface. CRRCs can be cached submerged for later retrieval by a returning reconnaissance team. CRRCs are powered by a single outboard motor and may also be paddled.

Reconnaissance Marines with the Reconnaissance Battalions carry out amphibious reconnaissance operations for the Ground Combat Element commander of their assigned Marine Air Ground Task Force. They maintain a high level of proficiency in small boat and combat diver operations.

image sourced from public domain
U.S. Marine Corps photo by Staff Sgt. Neill A. Sevelius

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