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75th Ranger Regiment - Operations

Since their inception, the Rangers have fought in all of the major conflicts that the US has been involved with.

1980 - Iran - Operation Eagle Claw

Rangers provided security for the Desert One landing strip and were set to play a significant role in the planned rescue of US Citizens from Tehran.

1983 - Grenada - Operation Urgent Fury

The 1st and 2nd Ranger Battalions were tasked with several key objectives
  • Seize and hold Point Salines airfield
    During which a planned tactical landing was altered en route into a full-scale parachute assault. An eventual Cuban counter-attack against the airfield was defeated by A company, 1 Battalion
  • Secure the True Blue campus of the medical college
  • Secure the army camp at Calivigny
  • Secure Richmond Hill Prison
    C Company, 1 Rangers, along with members of Delta Force, attempted to attack the Prison but the helicopters carrying them, flown by the 160th SOAR, were beaten back by heavy ground fire

1989 - Panama - Operation Just Cause

1991 - Persian Gulf - Operation Desert Shield/ Desert Storm

1993 - Somalia - Operation Gothic Serpent / Restore Hope

2001 - Afghanistan Operation Enduring Freedom

October 20th 2001 - Rangers participated in a combat jump to secure a desert air strip and assisted Delta Force in raiding Mulla Omar's compound.
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2003 - Iraq - Operation Iraqi Freedom

Rangers provided security for a JSOC operation at a suspected WMD compound in the Iraqi desert
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