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M240 Machine Gun

The M240 is a medium machine gun that is found throughout the US military including Special Operations Forces. Firing 7.62mmx51mm NATO rounds from a disinegrating belt, the M240 series of machine guns has a reputation for stopping power and reliabilty.

The M240 can be found mounted on vehicles such as the GMV, helicopters and boats such as the SOC-R . It can also carried by foot soldiers such as US Army Rangers. When mounted on a tripod and fitted with a spade grip trigger and suitable sight, the M240 can be used in sustained-fire mode and used as an indrect fire area weapon.

M240B Specifications

weight: 27.6lbs
length: 49 inches
barrel length: 24.7 inches
rate of fire : 650-950 rpm
muzzle velocity : 2,970 feet per second
effective range : 600m - 1100m
caliber : 7.62mm x 51mm NATO
magazine : disintegrating belt

M240 - Images and Further Info

M240b machine gun
USAF M240B with bipod. The M240B features an optics rail for mounting various sights and another set of rails friuther along the weapon for mounting lights/laser devices.
US DoD Photo

US Marine with M240
A MARSOC Marine fires a M240B mounted on a HMMWV, at insurgents in Afghanistan. Note the M249 Para mounted nearby.
US DoD photo by Spc. David Gunn / released

army soldier with M240b machine gun
US Army soldier takes aim with a M240B fitted with a M145 sight and AN/PEQ-2 illuminator. Note the bipod folding under the barrell - when in place, the bipod allows the M240 to be fired from the prone position.
U.S. Army Photo by Sgt. Tierney Nowland (Released)

M240B on M192 Tripod
An M240B machine gun mounted on a M192 tripod.
U.S. Army Photo

m240d on helicopter
US Navy Aviation Warfare Systems Operator mans a M240d fiited to a pintle mount in the cabin doorway of a SH-60 helicopter. When so mounted, the buttstock and pistol grip trigger is replaced by a two-handed spade grip trigger system. optional egress kit allows the M240D to be used by dismounted aircrew in the case of an emergency.
U.S. Navy Photo by Photographer's Mate 3rd Class Christopher Brown (RELEASED)

Marines from the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit's (Special Operations Capable)'s Maritime Special Purpose Force (MSPF) fire a M240G medium machine gun from its pintle mount atop a Humvee. The M240G is the USMC variant of the M240.
U.S. DoD photo by Sgt. Robert A. Sturkie (RELEASED)

M240  barrel change
A gun team with Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment change the barrel on a M240 during a training exercise. A M240's barrel will overheat and eventually melt if too many rounds are put through it in too quick succession. A M240B is issued with a spare barrel which can be quickly swapped out in the field. When used in rapid fire mode - 200 rounds per minute fired in 10-13 round bursts with 2-3 seconds pause between burst - the barrel requires changing every 2 minutes.
U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Richard W. Jones Jr./Released

An M240L is a recent variant of the M240. The M240L 7.62mm Medium Machine Gun (Light) is 5.5lbs lighter than the M240B. This reduction in weight is due to its titanium receiver and polymer trigger frame. The M240L features a 4 inch-shorter, lightweight barrel and a forward-mounted MIL-STD 1913 rail kit.
U.S. DoD Photo

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