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MARSOC - Today Will Be Different

US DoD recruitment film | released to public domain
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Official recruitment footage featuring Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) Critical Skills Operators (CSOs) in action. MARSOC Marine Special Operations Teams (MSOTs) are MARSOC's frontline fighting unit. CSOs are highly skilled in CQB, special reconnaissance and other deadly skills. This video shows some of their training, sees them on a simulated special operation and features active CSOs talking about their role.


Narrator: "We can't tell you where you might go... or what your mission might be. MARSOC Marines embrace the unknown, the unexpected. But for some, MARSOC is the next step in a distinguished career. A unique challenge, a new way to serve your country. For all that you must be prepared.

MARSOC Operators are seasoned and mature, and physically fit, driven critical thinkers who get things done right the first time.

MARSOC Operator: "Small unit tactics and a higher responsibility level is one of the things that appealed to me. I wanted to be making decisions, and in MARSOC you are able to do that.

With that smaller unit capability you bring a different cohesiveness. You bring in 60 to 90 to 120 individuals who are all capable of operating independently, doing their own things - wether it's working on a car, working on a gun or setting up a satellite communication system - yet building cohesiveness to make that all run seamlessly together."

MARSOC Operator: "Just because you're not out training in the field doesn't mean you're not educating yourself. So, a lot of guys educate themselves continuously. They look at the news continuously, read books continuously, read intel summaries and try to stay abreast of what's going on on a day to day basis.

We focus a lot on communication skills because of the people we interact with. Within the MARSOF community you are able to interact with ambassadors, prime ministers and generals, colonels. You have to be able to give these guys confidence. You have to be able to properly articulate the mission so this general feels comfortable for this MSOT to be out and alone and unafraid."

MARSOC operator: "Because there's a level of excellence that you want to attain. A level of existence that I believe a MARSOC operator has. You know, it's just this constant seeking of self-improvement. Yesterday was yesterday. What can I gain from today? MARSOC brings that to the table: this very aggressive approach to 'how can I become better today?'.

Narrator: "We can't tell you where you might go... or what your mission might be. But we can tell you this: today will be different."

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