Special Operations Aircraft

U.S. special operations aviation units use the following aircraft...

cv-22 osprey

CV-22 Osprey

Air Force special ops tilt-rotor aircraft...
more info : CV-22 Osprey

AC-130H/U Gunship

AFSOC gunship with a deadly array of weapons...
more info : AC-130H/U Gunship
mc-130 combat talon

MC-130E/H Combat Talon I/II

Modified C-130s that fly in support of US special operations...

MC-130P Combat Shadow

AFSOC tanker aircraft, based on the C-130 Hercules...

MC-130J Commando II

AFSOC's latest special ops trasnport plane...

AC-130J Ghostrider

Gunship variant of the Commando II...
more info : AC-130J Ghostrider

MC-130W Combat Spear

A recent addition to AFSOC's fleet of special ops transport planes...
mc-130w dragon spear

MC-130W Dragon Spear

MC-130W Combat Spears turned into gunships when fitted with a modular weapons system...

EC-130J Commando Solo

A flying psyops broadcasting station...
PC-12 U28

U-28A / Pilatus PC-12

Light cargo planes operated by AFSOC Special Operations Squadrons
photo / more info : U-28A
m-28 skytruck

M-28 / C145A Skytruck

Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) transport aircraft operated by AFSOC
photo / more info : M-28 Skytruck
non-standard aviation

AFSOC Non-standard Aviation

Info on the various light and medium aircraft operated by AFSOC intra-theater airlift fleet

MH-53J/M Pavelow

Recently decommisioned AFSOC helicopter...
more info : MH-53J/M Pave Low
mh-60 black hawks

MH-60 Black Hawks

Transport helicopters flown by the elite Night Stalkers...

MH-60L DAP Gunships

Heavily armed Black Hawks flown by the 160th SOAR...
little birds

AH-6 / MH-6 Little Bird

Small and nimble transport and attack helicopters operated by the 160th...
mh-47 chinook

MH-47 Chinook

Heavy-lift special operations helicopters flown by Night Stalkers...
more info : MH-47E/G Chinook
HH-60H Rescue Hawk

HH-60H Rescue Hawk

Naval Special Operations helicopter...
more info : HH-60H Rescue Hawk
cia aircraft

CIA Special Operations Aircraft

Info on the various aircraft operated by the CIA Speciial Activities Division...

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Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team (FAST), Marine Security Regiment
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CV-22 Osprey
A CV-22 Osprey flown by USAF 8th Special Operations Squadron.
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