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Special Operations - Missions

Here you can find a master list of all the accounts of operations / missions detailed on this site.

160th SOAR - Operation Prime Chance
The Night Stalkers join a Navy task force in the Persian Gulf
features : 160th SOAR, Navy SEALs
160th SOAR - Operation Just Cause
The 160th fly attack and insertion/extraction missions in Panama
features : 160th SOAR, Delta Force, Navy SEALs, Rangers
SCUD Hunting
Delta Force and British SAS hunt Saddam's missiles in the desert, 1991
features : Delta Force, SOAR, AFSOC
SOF - Operation Enduring Freedom
In-depth feature on US SOF during the early months of OEF, Afghanistan
features : CIA SAD, 160th SOAR, Delta Force, Navy SEALs, Rangers, Special Forces, AFSOC
Delta Force / Rangers - October 2001
Delta and the Rangers carry out airborne raids into the heart of Taliban country
features : Delta Force, Rangers, CCTs, Psyops
Delta Force - Hunt For Bin Laden
A look at the Delta Force mission to find and kill Osama Bin Laden
features : Delta Force, CIA SAD, Special Forces
SOF - Operation Iraqi Freedom
A report on the activities of the various US Special Operations Forces that took part in the 2003 liberation of Iraq
features : special forces, rangers, navy seals, swcc, special tactics, delta force, usaf special ops, isa
Delta Force - Baghdad Airstrike
An attempt in the early stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom to cut off the head of the snake
features : delta force, usaf special ops, isa
WMD complex
A task force swoops on a suspected WMD site in the Iraqi desert during Operation Iraqi Freedom
features : JSOC special mission teams, rangers, 160th SOAR
Delta Force - Saddam capture
A bloodless but expertly handled operation to take the ousted Iraqi dictator into custody
features : delta force, usaf special ops
Iraq Hostage Rescue
US SOF swoop on a compound in Iraq to rescue 4 foreign hostages
features : unspecified SOF, 160th SOAR, isa
SEALS - Operation Red Wing
An ill-fated SEAL recon mission in the mountains of Afghanistan
features : SEALs, 160th SOAR, Rangers, Special Forces
Syria Commando Raid
The controversial incursion into Syria, October 2008
features : Special Mission Units, 160th SOAR
Operation Celestial Balance
September 2009 - A SOAR / SEAL raid into Somalia nabs a wanted terrorist
features : 160th SOAR, SEALs
SEALs Rescue Capt. Phillips
April 2009 - Navy SEALs rescue a US ship's Captain from pirates
features : SEALs

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