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MK 19 Grenade Launcher

The MK 19 is an automatic grenade launcher that fires 40mm high explosive dual purpose (HEDP) rounds.

The MK 19 was first used in anger during the Vietnam War. US SOF use this devastating weapon mounted on vehicles, boats or on a tripod. It can effectively engage point targets up to 1.5kms away and area targets up to 2.2kms away. The 40mm HEDP round has a kill radius of 5 meters against infantry and can penetrate light armor. Effective rate of fire is 60-rounds a minute. Being able to lay down a high volume of explosive rounds can be vital for SOF, especially when breaking contact during an ambush.

MK 19 Specifications

weight: 72.56 lbs (weapon only)
150 lbs (weapon + tripod)
length: 43.1 inches
barrel length: 16.25 inches
rate of fire : 325-375 rpm cyclic / 60 rpm effective
muzzle velocity : 790 feet per second
effective range : 1500m (point) 2200m (area)
caliber : 40mmx53mm (HEDP)
magazine : belt

MK 19- Images and Further Info

mk 19 grenade launcher
MK 19 mounted on a M3 tripod
US DoD Photo

US Marine with MK 19 Mod 3
A Marine mans a MK 19 Mod 3 grenade launcher mounted on a HMMWV during street-to-street fighting, Al Kharma, Iraq

Army soldiers with MK 19
US Army soldiers fire a MK19 mounted on a M3 tripod.
U.S. Army Photo

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