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MK47 Grenade Launcher

The MK47 is an advanced 40mm grenade launcher in use with US Special Operations Forces (SOF). It is planned to eventually replace the MK19 grenade launcher with the new MK47.

The MK47 features an integrated computer assisted fire control systems and programmable ammunition. A AN/PWG-1 Lightweight Video Sight, linked to a ballistic computer and laser rangefinder, enables the operator to identify and accurately engage targets, day or night. The fire control system can be used to program PPHE grenades to air burst above the target - ideal for engaging troops sheltering behind cover. The weapon features a Picatinny rail for the mounting of additional sensors such as a thermal sight.

At 39.6 lbs, the MK47 is significantly lighter than the 77 lb MK19.

Mk47 Ammunition

The MK 47 fires a range of 40mm grenades :

  • PPHE (Programmable Prefragmented High Explosive) with air burst capability
  • M430 HEDP (High Explosive Dual Purpose)
  • M383 HE (High Explosive)
  • M918 TP (Target Practice)
  • M385 TP (Target Practice(

MK47 Specifications

weight: 39.6 lbs (weapon only)
90 lbs (weapon + tripod + fire control)
length: 37 inches
barrel length: 24.02 inches
rate of fire : 250-300 rpm cyclic / 60 rpm effective
caliber : 40mmx53mm
magazine : belt

MK47 - Images and Further Info

mk47 grenade launcher
A Special Forces soldier fires a MK47 mounted on a tripod. Special Forces have been using the MK47 in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Zachary Hernandez

MK47 - special forces
A US Special Forces operator fires a MK47 mounted atop a HMMWV during operations against insurgents, Iraq, 2007. This MK47 is fitted with a AN/PAS-13 thermal site mounted on its Picatinny rail.
U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Christopher Perez

MK47 - ATV
Special Forces soldiers in Afghanistan ride on a Polaris M700 ATV / Quad Bike fitted with a hood-mounted MK47. The addition of the grenade launcher at the front and a box of 40mm grenades at the back, this ATV has been transformed into a mobile fire support platform.
US DoD photo by Sgt. Teddy Wade

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