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6th Special Operations Squadron

The 6th Special Operations Squadron (6th SOS) is an AFSOC unit that specializes in Foreign Internal Defence (FID) operations.

The primary role of the 6th SOS is to assess, train, advise and assist foreign aviation forces in the use of their aircraft throughout all four regions of the world. The squadron also carries out intra-theater support of special operations forces, flying night-vision insertion, extraction, airland and airdrop resupply missions, with the capability of operating from unimproved runways.

The 6th Special Operations Squadron operates the C-145a Skytruck

Until 2012, the 6th SOS operated a selection of fixed and rotary wing aircraft:

The unit also flies various C-130 variants and HH-60H Black Hawk helicopters during training.

Air Commandos from the 6th SOS usually deploy as Operational Aviation Detachments A and B (OAD-A/B). An OAD-A consists of a 13-man training/advisory team of combat aviation advisors while the OAD-B provides command, admin, logistics and medical support to multiple deployed OAD-As.

The 6th SOS used to be an element of the 1st Special Operations Wing, at Hulbert Field, Florida. It is now part of the Air Force Special Operations Training Center at Duke Field, Florida. The squadron has a strength of approximately 105 men.

Video by Airman 1st Class Brandy Dirr | released to public domain

Sky Truck C-145a
The 6th SOS flies the C-145A Skytruck.
U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Samuel King Jr.

6th special operations squadron
Members of the 6th Special Operations Squadron pictured with some of the aircraft they operated until 2012. Clockwise, starting bottom-left : UH-1N helicopter, C-47, Mil Mi-8, Antonov An-26 and another UH-1N.
U.S. Air Force Photograph by Airman 1st Class Ali Flisek

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