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USCG DSF Basic Tactical Operators Course

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Video by Lance Cpl. Mark Watola | released to public domain

Package about close quarters combat (CQB) training given to United States Coast Guard Deployable Specialized Forces (DSF) during the Basic Tactical Operators Course

more info : Coast Guard Special Forces


PO1 Shane Goudswaard - BTOC Instructor: "BTOC stands for basic tactical operators course and what it is is it gives our future tactical operators an introduction to conducting tactical operations.

To start out, we have 4 weeks out on the flat range, where we start all the way from single round engagement - both with the primary and secondary weapon systems - and then we work all the way into shooting while moving, during that 4 weeks of flat range. From there, they come into the shoot house, where they start their CQC or Close Quarters Combat training.

The wide variety of missions we do - we do the counter-narcotics, we do counter-terrorism missions, we do counter-piracy. A lot of ship-board work - there is some land but the majority of what we do is ship work. So with that wide variety of missions that we do, you just never know where you'll find yourself or in what type of situation, so we try to best prepare them for any situation they may encounter."

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