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Delta Force - Notable Operations

Over the years Delta has been involved in a number of operations around the world.

1979 - Pan American Games
Delta worked with the FBI in providng security for the Pan American Games in Puerto Rico

1980 - Thailand Plane Hijacking
Delta is rumored to have assisted in the take down of a hijacked Indonesian airliner in Bangkok

1980 - Iran - Operation Eagle Claw
Delta's 1st combat mission, the attempt to rescue American civilians from Iran, ended in disaster at remote desert air strip in the Iranian desert.

1983 - Grenada - Operation Urgent Fury
Delta took part in an aborted helicopter-borne assault on Richmond Hill prison.

1989 - Panama - Operation Acid Gambit
A daring Delta/160th SOAR rescue mission frees an American held in a Panamanian prison
related image : Delta Force - Panama

1991 - Kuwait / Iraq - Operation Desert Storm
Delta Force operated behind enemy lines, hunting Saddam's SCUD launchers.
more info : Delta Force - SCUD Hunting
related image : Delta Force SCUD hunting

Delta Force soldiers also acted as bodyguards for General Norman Schwarzkopf
related image : Delta Force - Norman Schwarzkopf

1993 - Somalia - Operation Restore Hope / Gothic Serpent
Delta, along with the Rangers and 160th SOAR, hunted for rebel leadership in the war-torn African nation.

Mid-nineties - The Balkans
Delta Force joined the hunt for Serbian war criminals in the aftermath of the war in the former Yugoslavia.

2001 - Operation Enduring Freedom
On the night of 19th October 2001, a large helicopter-borne Delta Force raid, supported by Rangers, was carried out against a compound where Taliban leader Mullah Omah sometimes stayed.
more info : Delta Force - Mullah Omar's Compound

December 2001 - Delta were deployed into the mountains of Tora Bora in efforts to track down Osama Bin Laden.
more info : Delta Force Hunt For Bin Laden

Delta contributed operators to AFO (Advance Force Operations) reconnaissance units that were active during the campaign against the Taliban and Al Qaeda, including Operation Anaconda, early 2002.

2003 - Iraq - Operation Iraqi Freedom
Delta Force inserted covertly into Iraq to pin point targets for air strikes
more info : Delta Force - Baghdad air strike

2003 - Iraq - Saddam Hussein Captured
Delta take Saddam into custody in a bloodless but superbly-handled operation
more info : Delta Force capture Saddam Hussein

2004 - Iraq - Hostage Rescue
Delta Force rescue 2 kidnapped civilians from captivity
more info : Delta Force hostage rescue

2005 - Iraq - Roy Hallums Rescue
Another Delta Force rescue operation frees a kidnapped American
more info : Delta Force - Roy Hallums rescue

2013 - Libya - Terrorist Capture
Delta Force, along with CIA and FBI HRT operators, capture a wanted terrorist from the streets of Tripoli
more info : Delta Force - Tripoli Operation

2014 - Libya - Terrorist Capture
Another Delta Force/ FBI HRT operation, this time captring a suspected leader of the 2012 Benghazi attacks
more info : Delta Force - Benghazi Operation

2015 - Syria - Abu Sayyaf
Delta Force kill a senior IS financier in eastern Syria
more info : Delta Force - Abu Sayyaf

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Delta Force guarded General Schwarzkopf during the 1991 Gulf War
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