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SEAL Delivery Vehicle Teams

SEAL Delivery (SDV) Vehicle Teams operate a fleet of minisubs used by the SEALs for covert underwater operations. SDV Teams are known to operate the Mk VIII Mod 1 SDV, a black, electrically-operated minisub which can carry 6 SEALs on clandestine operations:

  • underwater insertion/extraction of SEALs
  • placing magnetic limpet mines or other explosives to berthed shipping
  • underwater reconnaissance
  • cladestine approach for Maritime Counter Terrorism

SDV Team organization

There are 2 SDV Teams within Naval Special Warfare Command

  • SDV Team 1 (SDVT-1)
    Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, California
  • SDV Team 2 (SDVT-2)
    Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, Virginia

SDV Team composition

SDV teams are formed of 2 platoons of 16 men, comprising:

  • 11 SEALs
  • 1 dive medical technician
  • 4 fleet support maintenance technicians

SDV Team Video

SEAL SDV minisub
A Mk VIII Mod 1 minisub operated by members of a SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team maneuvers into a dry dock shelter fitted to USS KAMEHAMEHA (SSN-642), a U.S. Navy submarine.
U.S. Navy photo by Chief Photographer's Mate Andrew McKaskle

SDV Teams Resources

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Featured SDV TEAM Photo
A US Navy SEAL pilots a minisub
(click image for fullsize photo)
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photo : US Dod

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