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Navy SEALs

SEALs are a U.S. Navy special operations unit. The name SEAL refers to their versatility in operating by sea, air and land.

Navy SEALs - Role

  • Counterterrorism
  • Unconventional Warfare
  • Foreign Internal Defense
  • Direct Action
  • Special Reconnaissance

Whilst Navy SEALs specialize in operations on, in or underwater, they are equally at home on dry land, be it in the jungle, desert, mountains or arctic conditions.

Navy SEALS - Organization

SEAL teams are split into 2 groups:

  • Naval Special Warfare Group One (West Coast)
  • Naval Special Warfare Group Two (East Coast)

Both groups come under the control of The United States Naval Special Warfare Command (NSW) which itself comes under the SOCOM umbrella.

There are 8 SEAL teams (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 10). Each SEAL team comprises:

  • Staff Head Quarters element
  • 3 40-man Task Units comprising:
    • Headquarters element
    • 2 SEAL Platoons of 16 men
      The SEAL platoons are the primary fighting element of the SEAL teams
      read more on SEAL Platoons
    • Combat support staff
      • N1-Administrative support
      • N2 Intelligence
      • N3 Operations
      • N4 Logistics
      • N5 Plans and Targeting
      • N8 Air/Medical

Aside from the standard SEAL teams, other NSW units include:

  • SEAL Team Six / Naval Special Warfare Development Group' (DEVGRU)
    SEALS specialists in counter terrorism, otherwise known as 'SEAL Team Six'. The men of DEVGRU are all experienced SEALs, trained in the demanding field of Maritime Counter Terrorism (MCT).
    more info : SEAL Team Six

  • SEAL Delivery Vehicle Teams
    specialists in the use of underwater Swimmer Delivery Vehicles (SDVs)
    more info : SDV Teams

SEAL Diving Equipment

US Navy SEALs use a variety of SCUBA and rebreather apparatus for underwater operations.

more info : SEAL diving equipment

Navy SEALs - Notable Operations

more info : Navy SEALs operations

Navy SEALs - Weapons

more info : Navy SEALs weapons

Navy SEALs Trident
SEAL Trident
Featured SEAL Photo
Navy SEAL photo
US Navy SEALs armed with 9mm MP5 sub machine guns.
(click for fullsize)
more Navy SEALS photos
photo : US Dod
SEAL Diving Equipment
Navy SEALs, wearing SCUBA gear, undergo Lock Out training with the fast attack submarine USS Hawaii (SSN 776).
more info : SEAL diving gear
photo : US Dod
SDV Teams
SEALs SDV photo
Navy SEAL divers from SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team Two (SDVT-2) operate a Mk VIII Mod 1 SDV minisub.
(click for fullsize)
more info : SDV Teams
photo : US Dod

Navy SEALs - Video

Supporting Units

The SEALs are supported by several other Naval elements:

SEAL Photos

Navy SEALs carrying out maritime interdiction (MIO) training.
U.S. Navy Photo

A pair of SEALs armed with MK-17 SCAR-H rifles.
U.S. Navy Photo

SEAL combat divers
SEAL combat divers lay prone on a beach after swimming ashore.
U.S. Navy Photo

SEAL sniper
A SEAL sniper takes aim with a MK15 anti-material rifle.
U.S. Navy Photo

SEALs travelling in Ground Mobility Vehicles (GMVs).
U.S. Navy Photo

Navy SEALs Resources

Navy SEALs Photos
SEALs with m60s SEALs - radio operator SEALs - SCAR-H Sniper SEAL - MK-17 Navy SEAL - MP5
more Navy SEALs photos
Navy SEALs Video
Navy SEALs        

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