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Evansville Police Department SWAT

evansville swat team enter building
image sourced from public domain | Photo Credit: U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Michael Jennings

Police Officers with the Evansville, Indiana, SWAT team follow a flashbang stun grenade through a doorway as they make an entry during hostage rescue training.

The Evansville Police Department Special Weapons & Tactics team was established in 1975. It is staffed by Evansville PD officers with a minimum of 3 years service. SWAT team members undergo an extensive selection and training program.

Weapons employed by Evansville SWAT include AR-15 carbines, Heckler & Koch UMP smgs and Glock pistols. The unit includes an entry element and a precision rifle team consisting of marksmen armed with sniper rifles.

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