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Special Forces Operational Detachment Bravo (SFOD B)

A Special Forces 'B Team', otherwise known as Operational Detachment Bravo (ODB), or SFOD-B, acts as the headquarters element of a Special Forces company. They command and assist the 6 'A Teams' within the company.

ODB - Composition

Special Forces B-Teams are made up of 11 men:

A typical 11-man ODB comprises:

  • 1 x Special Forces Company Commander (CO)
    The Company commander is in command of all elements assigned or attached to the Special Forces company.

  • Executive Officer
    2nd in Command amd director company staff.

  • Company Technician (18Z)
    (W0-1 and up, Warrant Officer)
    Responsible for the organization, training, intelligence and counterintelligence (CI) activities, and combat operations of the Special Forces company

  • Company Seargeant Major(18Z)
    (E-9, Sergeant Major)
    supervises the daily training, operations, and administration of the company.

  • Special Forces Operations Sergeant (18Z)
    (E-8, Master Sergeant)
    Assists the XO and Company Technician.

  • Assitant Operations Sergeant (18F)
    (E-7, Sergeant First Class)
    Assists the Operations Sergeant

  • Special Forces Medical Sergeants (18D)
    (Sergeant First Class)
    Provides medical care at the company level. Also provided medical training to the company.

  • 2 x Special Forces Communications Sergeants (18E)
    (Sergeant First Class / Staff Sergeant)
    Signals experts, Communications Sergeant and a Asst. Communications Sergeant, who instal maintain and operate the company's radio and other communications equipment.

  • Supply Sergeants
    (E-6, Staff Sergeant)
    Handles the logistics for the company and all its detachements

    (E-5, Sergeant)
    Ensures the company can detect and defend against Nuclear, Chemical and Biological (NBC) attacks.

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