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M4A1 Carbine

The M4A1 Carbine is a shortened version of the M16A2 assault rifle manufactured by Colt. The M4A1 is a favorite amongst US Special Operations Forces.

The M4A1 variant comes with a safe / semi-auto / automatic trigger groups as apposed to the safe / semi-auto / 3-round burst configuration found on standard M4s.

A version with a 10' barrel / upper receiver, known as the CQBR, is also in use with Naval Special Warfare Units such as the SEALs, and opther SOF units.

M4A1 Features

The M4A1 is a 5.56mmx45mm NATO caliber weapon with a gas operated, rotating bolt action. The carbine is typically fed from 30-round STANAG magazines.

A single Picatinny rail is Featured atop the M$A1's M16A3-style falt-top receiver for mounting scopes, sights or a carrying handle. A further 4 RIS rails, one on each side of the handguards, were added via the SOPMOD Block I pacakge, developed for use by SOCOM forces.

M4A1 Specifications

weight: 5.9 lb (empty)
6/9 lb (30 rounds loaded)
length: 33 inches (stock extended)
29.8 inches (Stock retracted)
barrel length: 14.5 inches
rate of fire : 700-950 rpm
muzzle velocity : 2,900 feet per second
caliber : 5.56mm x 45mm NATO
magazine : 30 round / STANAG

M4A1 - Images and Further Info

m4a1 carbine
A M4A1 carbine fitted with Rail Interface System (RIS), flip-up rear sight and Trijicon ACOG 4x
US DoD Photo

m4 SOPMOD block I
The Special Operations Peculiar Modification (SOPMOD (Block I)) kit was developed by United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and consists of a number of components, allowing the M4A1 to be highly customizable depending on specific mission requirements. (click image for larger version)
US DoD Photo

m4a1 40mm grenade launcher
A US Special Forces soldier armed with a M4A1 Carbine, fitted with an underslung M203 40mm grenade launcher, aimed with a M68 Close Combat Optic red dot sight. This M4A1 also has a AN-PEQ2 and a flash-light fitted to the Rail Interface System (RIS).
US DoD Photo

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