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SOCOM - Special Operations Command

United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), otherwise known as SOCOM, is a US military command that oversees the Special Operations components of the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.

SOCOM was established following the disastrous attempt by Delta Force to rescue Americans held hostage in Iran in 1980. One of the issues that contributed to the debacle in Iran was the lack of interoperability, communication and co-ordination between the Army, Navy and Air Force. SOCOM was activated in April 1987. SOCOM oversees any special operations involving elements from multiple services. JSOC, a joint command which is focused on counter terrorism, was established in December 1980 and was later brought in under the umbrella of SOCOM.

USSOCOM has its HQ MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida.

USSOCOM - Components

USSOCOM has the following units under its umbrella:

SOCOM Resources

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