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M500 / M590 Shotgun

The M500 / M590 (Mossberg M500) is a 12-gauge shotgun in use within the US military, including special operations units.

The M500 / M590 is available with a range of barrel lengths, from 14 to 30 inches and tube magazine capacities of 5-8 shells.

A more sturdy version of the M590, the M590a1, features an aluminum trigger guard and safety and a heavier barrel.

Many M590s in the US military arsenals have now been superceded by the more expensive M1014 semi-automatic shotgun.


M590 Specifications

weight : 7.2 lbs (empty)
length : 34.9 inches
barrel length : 14 to 30 inches
rate of fire : single-fire, pump-action
effective range : 40 meters
caliber : 12 gauge
magazine : 5-8 rounds internal tube magazine

M500 - Images and Further Info

M590 shotgun
Mossberg 590 with 20 inch barrel.
US DoD Photo

M500 Shotgun
A US sailor ejects a spent shell from a M500 during training.
US DoD Photo

crisis intervention team with Mossberg 590 shotgun
A USAF Crisis Intervention Team member armed with a Mossberg 590 (center). As with other 12-gauge shotguns, the Mossberg can fire a range of shells, including non-lethal, breaching and tear gas rounds.

FAST Marines with M500 shotguns
Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team (FAST) Marines fire M500 shotguns during training.
U.S. Navy Photo by Photographer's Mate Second Class Chantel M. Clayton

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