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Regimental Reconnaissance Company

The Regimental Reconnaissance Company (RRC) is an elite unit within the 75th Ranger Regiment Special Troops Battalion. The RRC carries out special reconnaissance for the 75th Rangers and for Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). It is rumoured that the RRC has now been afforded the status of a permanent component of JSOC.

RRC - Organization

When it was detachment-sized, the RRC (RRD) was composed of 3 6-man teams (RRD Teams 1 to 3) and a HQ element. It is not publicly known how many such teams make up the RRC in its present company-sized configuration.

RRC - Role

The RRC's main role is that of special reconnaissance. RRC teams are trained to clandestinely infiltrate behind enemy lines in order to gather intelligence and carry out surveillance of the objective. When in place in concealed positions, RRC teams may be tasked with directing air strikes or missile strikes on the objective(s). RRC teams may also be tasked with jumping ahead of the main force of Rangers / JSOC task force personnel in order to mark out and secure the drop zone / landing zone. Another RRC role it to emplace tactical equipment such as sensors and navigation beacons.

RRC teams are trained in all forms of military free-fall operations including HALO and HAHO. They may also infil/exfil via submarine or small boat and are many RRC operators are trained in SCUBA/Rebreather operations.

Regimental Reconnaissance Regiment
Regimental Reconnaissance Company insertion methods include freefall parachute jumps.
U.S. Army Photo

RRC - When the Ranger Special Troops Battalion (RSTB) was activated in 2007, the Regimental Reconnaissance Detachment (RRD), as it was then known, became the Regimental Reconnaissance Company. Previously only open to recruitment from within the 75th Rangers, the RRC now opened up to any suitable qualified soldier ie one who as graduated Ranger School, is Airborne qualified and a graduate of the Reconnaissance Surveillance Leaders Course (RSLC).

RRC - Combat Missions

RRD / RRC teams have carried out operations in Haiti , Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. Known combat parachute drops include:
  • 10th of November 2001, Regimental Reconnaissance Detachment Team 3 (RRD Tm 3) performed a freefall parachute insertion onto Wrath Drop Zone in order to establish a landing strip for follow on forces.

  • RRD Team 3 performed a static line parachute drop onto Shiloh Drop Zone in southeast Afghanistan on 21 November 2001 in order to secure a landing strip.

  • July 4th 2004, RRD Team 3 jumped onto Tillman Drop Zone in SE Afghanistan in order to emplace tactical equipment.

  • Regimental Reconnaissance Company Team 1 jumped into Afghanistan on 11 July 2009 in order to emplace tactical equipment.

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