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Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 84 (HSC-84) "Red Wolves"

HSC-84, the "Red Wolves", is a United States Navy Reserve helicopter squadron tasked with the support of Naval Special Warfare units such as SEALs and SWCCs. The Red Wolves are one of 2 Navy squadrons that provide dedicated SOF support - the other being HSC-85 (the Firehawks).

The squadron is the descendant of HCS-4, a Squadron that was established in 1989 and saw action in the 1991 Gulf War. On October 1, 2006, HCS-4 was officially redesignated as HSC-84.

HSC-84 flies 8 HH-60H Seahawk (otherwise known as 'Rescue Hawk') helicopters, which usually deploy in detachments of 1-2 helicopters plus support staff.

Red Wolves - Operations

  • December 1990 - March 1991 - The Gulf - Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm
    HCS-4 providing CSAR and Special Operations support to coalition forces throughout the campaign.

  • September 1994 - Haiti - Operation Uphold Democracy
    2 HH-60Hs from HCS-4 provided CSAR and Special Warfare support.

  • January 1996 - The Balkans - Operation Joint Endeavor
    HSC-84 provided a single HH-60H to the USS George Washington during its deployment to the Adriatic Sea.

  • March 2003 - The Gulf - Operation Iraqi Freedom
    4 HH-60Hs supported OIF. One detachment of 2 HH-60Hs was based at Akrotiri, Cyprus, another on USS La Salle and another on the USS Nashville.
    Sea Hawks from HCS-84 have recently (August 2008) been deployed to Iraq as part of the Joint Special Operations Air Component (CJSOAC), providing support to coalition special operations missions in the region.
hh-60h seahawk helicopter
A HH-60H 'Rescue Hawk' of the type flown by HSC-84. Note the M240 7.62mmx51mm machine gun mounted in the cabin doors. M60, M240, 50 cal machine guns and 7.62mm miniguns can be fitted in either the doors or window firing ports. The HH-60H can also be armed with AGM-114 Hellfire anti-tank missiles. The distinctive sphere mounted on the helicopter's chin is a steerable forward-looking infrared (FLIR) pod.

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