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special operations forces » Maritime Raid Force
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Maritime Raid Force

The Maritime Raid Force (MRF) is deployed by U.S.M.C. Marine Expeditionary Units (MEUs). The Maritime Raid Force was established to fill a capability gap left by the deployment of MARSOC units to Afghanistan.

The MRF's role is to carry out raids against maritime objectives such as oil and gas platforms, ships and targets ashore. The MRF is trained to carry out opposed boardings against maritime targets which in current times is likely to mean pirate-held vessels.

A MEU's Maritime Raid Force is based around a core assault element of a Force Reconnaissance Platoon. A security element may include Scout snipers and Marines with the Battalion Landing Team. Reconnaissance for MRF operations may be provided by the Amphibious Reconnaissance Platoon (ARP). A Headquarters element commands the MRF. Forward air controllers, explosive ordnance techs, CI/HUMINT personnel, radio reconnaissance Marines, intelligence analysts, communicators, and combat camera Marines augment the MFR. A number of U.S. Navy sailors are also integrated into the Maritime Raid Force. Airlift and close air support is provided by the MEU's Aviation Combat Element.

note: the Maritime Raid Force (MRF) is very similar to the previous Maritime Special Purpose Force (MSPF) formations.

Maritime Raid Force - Video

Maritime Raid Force - Photos and Info

Maritime Raid Force
Force Recon and sailors with the 11th MEU's Maritime Raid Force approach a maritime target in a U.S. Navy rigid-hull inflatable boat.
DoD photo by LANCE CPL. JUSTIN R. STEIN (Released)

UH-1Y Venom helicopter
A UH-1Y Venom helicopter takes off with USMC Scout Snipers aboard to provide top cover for a simulated raid on a pirate vessel by the 11th MEU's Maritime Raid Force. The MEU's aviation combat element, which includes CH-46E Sea Knight helicopters and attached units of UH-1Y Venom and AH-1W Cobra helicopters will typically be on call to support MRF operations.
DoD photo by Gunnery Sgt. Scott Dunn (Released)

MRF - Scout Sniper
A Scout Sniper with the 11th MEU's Maritime Raid Force aims his MK 11 Mod 0 sniper rifle from within a CH-46E during a training exercise. When storming a maritime objective such as a pirate-held ship, Scout Snipers will typically provide overwatch for the assault element from helicopters circling above and/or from nearby US Navy ships.
DoD photo by Cpl. Chad J. Pulliam (Released)

MRF- security element
Marines with the 11th MEU Maritime Raid Force provide a security cordon during a raid on a target building during training. The security elements of the MRF, such as those with the Battalion Landing Team, play a vital role in MRF operations. On large maritime objectives, the assault team, typically consisting of the MEU's Force Recon platoon, will take key objectives, such as a ship's bridge, while other Marines and sailors secure and search the rest. On land, the security element may set up a secure perimeter around an objective and act as a blocking force to repel counter-attacks.
DoD photo by Cpl. Chad J. Pulliam (Released)

Maritime Raid Force Operations

September 9 2010 - The 15th MEU's Maritime Raid Force stormed a pirate-held ship, the MV MV Magellan Star, in waters off Somalia.

more info : Maritime Raid Force Retakes Hijacked Ship

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Featured MRF Photo
Maritime Raid Force
15th Marine Expeditionary Unit's Maritime Raid Force (MRF) approach a maritime objective during a training exercise
(click photo for fullsize image)
U.S. DoD photo by Petty Officer 1st Class David McKee

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