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Combatant Craft Medium (CCM) Mk1

The Combatant Craft Medium (CCM) Mk 1 is a relatively new addtion to the Naval Special Warfare fleet, coming into initial service in late 2015. CCMs are operated by SWCC Special Boat Teams.

The CCM is a partial replacement for the MK V Special Operations Craft (MK V SOC) (now-retired from service), and the NSW RHIB (numbers of which are to be reduced). It is a low observable, reconfigurable, multi-mission surface tactical mobility craft with a primary role to insert and extract special operations forces in low-medium threat environments. It can also provide limited fire support, carry out maritime interdiction and visit board search and seizure (VBSS) missions, counter terrorism and foreign internal defence operations.

Combatant Craft Medium (CCM)
A Combatant Craft Medium Mk1 - note the .50 cal remote weapons station mounted on the bow.
SOCOM photo

Combatant Craft Medium Features:

The CCM features a double aluminum hull that is resistant to small arms fire. It is powered by propellors driven by 2 diesel engines. The craft features an enclosed cabin and open rear deck. The boat's construction includes shock mitigation features designed to reduce physical stress received by it occupants.

The CCM Mk1 cannot be airdropped under parachutes but it can be transported via C-17A Globemaster III aircraft (the Mk V SOC requried a Galaxy C5). The craft can be deployed from large surface craft such as the San Antonio class LPD and Wasp class LHD.

CCM Mk1 Equipment

Sensors aboard the CCM include a Combatant Craft Forward Looking Infrared (CCFLIR) pod mounted atop the cabin. This sensor array includes stabilized infrared, day color and low light cameras and an integrated laser range finder and pointer.

Other systems on the CCM Mk1 include:
  • GPS navigation
  • IFF (identification Friend or Foe) gear
  • VHF/HF/UHF/FM Net & wideband SATCOMM

CCM Mk1 Weapons

The craft has provisions for the mounting of various weapon systems at stations on the rear deck. These weapons include:

  • M2 .50 machine guns
  • M240 7.62mm belt-fed machine guns
  • MK19 40mm grenade launchers

A remote weapon system (RWS) housing a .50 cal machine gun may be mounted on the bow. The RWS is operated from within the cabin enclosure.

CCM Mk1 - Specifications

Crew 4 Crew
Capacity Crew + 19 SEALs + mission equipment
Length 60 ft
Payload 7750 lbs
Max Speed 50+ knots
Range 400 nautical miles
Armament remote weapon station on bow with .50 cal hmg
mounts situated towards stern for:
M2HB .50 machine guns
M240g machine guns
Mk19 40 40mm grenade launchers
Avionics Combatant Craft Forward Looking Infrared
Maritime radar
GPS navigation
Secure radio communications (UHF/VHF/SATCOMMs)

CCM Mark 1
A CCM assigned to Special Boat Team 12 (SBT 12) pictured on San Diego bay. Note the M2HB heavy machine guns mounted on the vessel.
U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Timothy M. Black/Released

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