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The MK 17 Mod 0 SCAR-H is a 7.62mm x 51mm carbine / assault / sniper rifle that has been chosen by SOCOM to evenbtually replace a number of existing weapons used by US Special Operations Forces (SOF).

The MK 17 comes in 3 flavors - the Standard, with 16 inch barrel, the CQC with a 13 inch barrel and the LB with a 20 inch barrel. The barrels are designed to be easily exchanged to alter the weapon's role ie from sniper rifle, to battle rifle, to CQB weapon.

The MK 17 features 4 Picatinny rails (top, sides and bottom) which can mount any MIL-STD-1913-compatible accessories such as optics, foregrips and a MK 13 40mm grenade launcher.

The MK 17 Mod 0 is complemented by the MK 16 Mod 0 of similar design, chambered in 5.56mmx45mm.

The MK 17 is now in widespread use by United States SOF forces in Afghanistan, where its relative light weight, accuracy and stopping power has proved of worth on the battlefield.

MK 17 Mod 0 Specifications

weight: 7.9lbs (CQC)
7.9lbs (Standard)
8.2lbs (LB)
(stock extended) :
35 inches (CQC)
38 inches (standard)
42 inches (LB)
barrel length: 13 inches (CQC)
16 inches (standard)
20 inches (LB)
effective range 300 meters (CQC)
500 meters (Standard)
800 meters (LB)
rate of fire : 625 rpm
caliber : 7.52mm x 51mm NATO
magazine : 20 round

MK 17 SCAR - Images and Further Info

MK 17 cqc
MK 17 CQC with 13" barrel.

MK 17 Standard with 16" barrel. The MK 17 is designed to replace existing 7.62mmx51mm battle rifles such as the MK 14 EBR.

MK 17 LB with 20 inch barrel. The LB has been earmarked to replace 7.62mmx51mm sniper rifles used by SOCOM such as the MK11 / M110, the DMR and EMR.

*update : the 20 inch SCAR-H concept has evolved into the MK 20 Mod O Sniper Support Rifle.

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