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LMTV 'War Pig'

The 'War Pig' is a modified 2.5 ton LMTV M1078 truck in use with Army Special Forces. The LMTV is part of the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) series of trucks manufactured by BAE Systems Land and Armaments

Carrying ammunition, fuel, spares and other supplies, the 'war Pig' is designed to function as a mother ship for groups of ODA GMVs operating far from resupply base. They are typically driven by members of Special Forces ODBs. The concept of using trucks to accompany mobile patrols was proven by the British SAS who included Unimog trucks in Land Rover columns deep behind Iraqi lines during Gulf War I.

'War Pigs' are stripped down to the bare essentials before having various mounted weapons systems added, including:

  • M2 .50 machine guns
  • M240 7.62mm belt-fed machine guns
  • MK19/MK47 40mm grenade launchers
  • M249 SAW 5.56mm machine guns

The truck commander's station, to the right of the driver, is typically fitted with a pintle-mounted machine gun while a M2 .50 cal machine gun or MK19 grenade launcher is fitted towards the rear. Anti-tank weapons such as Javelin missiles and AT-4 rockets may also be carried on the truck.

Secure sitcoms are also typically installed on the vehicle.

special forces war pig
U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers with the 5th Special Forces Group in a modified LMTV during Operation Iraqi Freedom. As shown, much of the original truck's cab has been removed in order to save weight and provide better visibility and arcs of fire.
photo : U.S. Army

M1078 LMTV
For reference, a shot of a standard M1078 operated by the 82nd Airborne Division.

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