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Special Reaction Team

United States Marine Corps (USMC) Special Reaction Teams (SRT) are elite specialized units with a capability similar to that of civilian S.W.A.T. units. They are formed from specially-trained Military Police officers of the Marine Corps' Provost Marshall's Office (PMO).

Special Reaction Team - Role

The role of the Special Reaction Team is to respond to crisis situations at the USMC installation they are stationed. The type of situations that may call for the SRT to be deployed include:

  • terrorist attack
  • hostage situations
  • barricaded incidents (with or wihtout hostages)
  • VIP protection (as a response force)

Special Reaction Team - Organization

SRTs are typically no smaller than 9 men. In order to cover all contingencies, an installation may train enough men for 2 9-man SRTs. A typical 9-man Special Reaction Team is made up of:
  • Entry Element
  • Cover Element / 2nd Entry Element
    • 2 x Marksmen
    • 2 x Observers / Recorders

SRT operators cross-train in order to be able to take on any of the other roles in the team.

Special Reaction Team - Training

As with SRTs from other branches of the US military, USMC SRTs attend the US Army's Military Police Special Reaction Team course at the US Army Military Police School, Fort Leonard Wood, MO. This is a 2-phase traing course:
  • phase 1 focuses on the skills required of a Special Reaction Team entry team member.
  • phase 2 focuses on the skill set employed by a Special Reaction Team marksman/observer

Special Reaction Team - Weapons

Typical weapons used by USMC SRTs are:

SRT weapons
photo showing a USMC SRT arsenal: M4 carbines, M1014 shotguns, M9 and M45 pistols
(click image for fullsize view)
U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Royce Dorman/Released

Special Reaction Team - Video

USMC Special Reaction Team
Members of a USMC Special Reaction Team stack up in preparation to enter a room during an exercise. Like civilian S.W.A.T. teams, SRTs use a selection of specialized equipment such as ballistic shields and stun grenades. SRT personnel wear kevlar helmets, fireproof coveralls and body armor.

Special Reaction Team Resources

SRT photos

special reaction teamSRTSpecial Raction Team - stackMarine SRT

more Special Reaction Team photos

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srt inisgina
Featured S.R.T. Photo
Special Reaction TEam photo
Marines with the Special Reaction Team cover their sectors during CQB training.
(click photo for fullsize image)
more Special Reaction Team photos
photo : US Dod

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